Massage in Middlefield, CT

UPDATE:  My Middlefield office is officially closed.  Schedule your next appointment at  First time clients get the $45 intro rate.  

Those of you with online deal vouchers can use them at my new office which is at 558 Maple Ave, Cheshire.  It’s about 15 minutes away from my office in Middlefield.  Exit 3 off of 691, take a left and drive for about 5 minutes and I’m on the right behind Citco, CVS, and TD bank.

My new website is  Starting April 18th, all appointments will be taken at my new office.  

Experience a relaxing, soothing massage by Melanie, a professional licensed Massage Therapist. Contact Melanie to schedule your massage today!


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6 Way Road, Middlefield CT off of rt. 147 near Lake Beseck.  I’m located in the back of the Black Bird Tavern Building in room 126.


Business phone:  (860)349-7048 is no longer in service.  

Cell phone:  (203)631-0203 (for texts only)

Please feel free to text me your desired time / date of appointment along with your full name.  Or if you wish to speak with me, than call my business phone.

I incorporate a healing energy, the universal life force energy, into all massages.  When used correctly, it triggers a relaxation response in the client, thus facilitating emotional comfort and ease – the perfect foundation for healing thoughts to emerge and become one with the body.

I do this by honing my intuitive skills and matching my clients energy with my own.  A bridge is made and I am able to see the clients tension and what areas need the most attention.  Every massage is different.  I contour it to fit your specific needs.  I don’t treat symptoms, I treat the cause.  Which in some cases, the symptoms are the cause.  Confused? It can be confusing…

Massage varies from client to client.  Some prefer deep tissue while others prefer the more relaxing swedish style of massage.

Deep Tissue is firm, deep pressure used on trigger points and particular areas that are holding stress.  This style can be painful for many clients, but for others, it’s not painful at all.  I use mostly my elbows, knuckles and the palms of my hands for this type of massage to avoid stress on my fingers (especially thumbs!)

Swedish massage consists of light, relaxing strokes used to relieve stress and tension.  My Reiki can be felt the most during a swedish massage, however if there is muscle tension and pain, swedish may not be effective in getting it out.

My favorite massage to give people is one that combines both Swedish and Deep.  I relax you, but also focus on muscle tension using enough pressure to effectively release it.


I am offering 5 new aromatherapy’s to incorporate into your massage experience.  I use only the highest quality essential oils from reputable providers.  All my oils come from Edens Garden.

Stress Relief  contains Bergamot, Blood Orange, Grapefruit, Patchouli and Ylang Ylang.  All great for reducing the symptoms of stress.  And the blood orange and grapefruit are very uplifting.

Relaxation contains  Chamomile, Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin, Marjoram and Patchouli.  The perfect blend for creating a peaceful, relaxed state.

Meditation contains Clary Sage, Frankincense, Patchouli, Sweet Orange, Thyme and Ylang Ylang.  A synergistic blend to promote a meditative state.  It’s my personal favorite.

Purification contains Eucalyptus, Grapefruit, Lemon, Lemongrass and Lime.  It cleanses you of negative energy, boosts your energy and invigorates.

I also have Vanilla, Patchouli, and Cajeput (for aches and pains) available upon request.  It’s easier to smell four aroma’s instead of the seven that’s available.  If you become one of my regular clients, I will cater to your taste in scents and provide you with any aroma you choose from Edens Garden.

I also keep a bottle of plain unscented lotion for those of you who prefer no fragrance.

I tell my clients to smell them all and whichever one smells best, that’s the one to use.  Your body will tell you what it needs by what it finds most appealing.

Aromatherapy is included in the price of the massage.


1/2 hour       – $35

One hour     – $70

90 minutes  – $105

Two hour    – $140

On the back of my business cards you will find 5 blank boxes.  Each time you come in, I sign and date them.  After buying 4  massages, you get the fifth one free!

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I accept all credit / debit cards, cash and checks.