Hi I’m Melanie!  I’m a professional licensed massage therapist who’s been in practice for five years, a graduate of CCMT (Connecticut Center of Massage Therapy) and worked at upscale spa’s and resorts in CT before gaining confidence and know-how to start my own practice.

I enjoy perfecting my craft and fine tuning my intuition to give the best suitable massage for every client.  I’m continually learning more and thriving to give exceptional massage experiences to all my clients.

Personally, I’m an outgoing girl who enjoys travel and trekking.  I’m open to new experiences and like diving head-first into the unknown, less traditional places of travel.  I love adventure in hopes of finding enlightenment.

Recently I went on a 20 day trekking trip in Nepal to hike the Himalaya’s.

Next month I’m going to Colombia to take part in Shaman rituals and ceremonies preformed by the Lakota indians.  I’ll be experimenting with special herbs and tea’s involved in the ceremonies in order to broaden my mind and intuit the birthplace of mankind (that’s what they say happens).

By the time you read this, I would most likely be back home from Colombia so please feel free to ask any questions regarding my experiences.  I’m always happy and willing to share.

I’m back from Colombia South America and it was absolutely the most amazing experience of my life.  I discovered the meaning of existence!  And now I’m following my bliss and it’s taking me to Spain where I’ll be walking 500 miles to a sacred cathedral in Santiago.  But before I do that, I’m going to Arizona to partake in an ancient Indian ceremony run by the native church.  It involves purifying my soul and it’s done with peyote.  Their customs recommend taking part in a peyote ceremony before any long journey.

It’s legal because it’s done by a church and the ceremony is held on their land.  I can’t divulge any specific information on the event because things like this are not publicized.

I’m leaving May 8th for my two month long adventure.  May 8th is in two days.  Wish me luck!