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First step in getting a massage is what clothing to wear.


Anything you feel comfortable in.  Come here in your work clothes or nightgown – any clothing you choose.  However, being naked under a trench coat gives off bad connotations.

Second step is how to prepare your body.  “Oh no I forgot to shave my legs!”


I accept all body types here at Massage By Melanie whether or not they are hairy.  If you’re semi clean, that’s always nice too.

Second step is finding my business.


I’m on Yelp, Yellow Pages and Google maps.  Convenient for those who have GPS.  No GPS?  Bummer..

Just kidding.  It’s still easy!  I’m off of route 147 near lake Beseck.  Lyman’s Orchard is down the street, and many clients tell me I’m in the same building that Lloyds restaurant was in, but now it’s the Blackbird.  It’s also near a golf course.

Drive around to the back of the building, enter the big door entrance, hop on the elevator and hit 1R.  I’m on the bottom floor across from the elevator and I’ll be standing there smiling as soon as you come out.  Or I’ll be in my office with the door shut (to keep in the heat during winter so you’ll remain nice and toasty).  In that case, you will see a sign on the door that says “Please come in :)”

Don’t like the elevator?  No problem.  Here at Massage By Melanie, we also have stairs!

Okay, you’re in my office, now what?


You fill out a very simple form, pick your aroma, use the restroom, drink water – you know, that sort of thing.  Then I turn off the lights and leave the room while you get undressed and under the blankets.

I always knock before coming back in.

Okay, so I’m getting a massage, now what do I do?


You lay there.  Some people sleep, others fight to stay awake because they don’t want to miss a moment of it.  You lay like broccoli.  If you have an itch, scratch it, if the face cradle is giving you troubles, fix it – or I’ll fix it, either way.  The aim is to be as comfortable as possible so you can enjoy every minute.

Massage is over.  How do I pay?  How do I make another appointment?  I don’t want to leave, it’s so cosy in here!  Tell me what to do Melanie!


Good questions, I’m glad you asked and it makes me happy you don’t want to leave.  I accept credit cards, cash and checks.  You can schedule online, call me, text me, email me, or we can set up another appointment right then and there.  Whatever hits your fancy.

Sunset - Lake Beseck

Sunset – Lake Beseck (Photo credit: imnewtryme)

I hope I answered all of your questions.  

These were questions placed on me this past month, so I made a page for Q & A.  Aren’t I nice?  Yes, I certainly am nice.  We’ll get along just fine 🙂

My number one goal is to achieve complete satisfaction on all aspects of the massage experience.  Everything made simple, clear and easy – not a worry or care in the world.  Expect your worries to dissipate while in my care.

(The picture on the right is not a picture of my location.  I just thought it looked pretty.)