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Can emotional turmoil trigger physical ailments?

A woman, Louise Hay, believes so.  She believes that all illness comes from an emotional counterpart that generates pain and suffering in the physical body.  In essence, whatever goes on in your head, has a physical consequence.

This link will direct you to a list of many common ailments and the emotional triggers that employ them:

You can also purchase her book on Amazon.  (Click the pic.)

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Can awareness of your thought process create deep joy and fulfillment in your life?

I’ve recently read The Joy of Living by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche.  I followed his instructions on how to meditate and for a very brief period (literally 3 seconds), I became completely aware of my thought process.  It was like I “stepped out” of myself and saw for the first time who I am and I realized that I am my thought process.  My thoughts create who I am.

Not only that, but I also saw that my thoughts create my world, my life, my emotions, feelings – everything.  I saw it all and just as quickly as it came, it vanished.  I was back in my thought process again.  It made me realize that I’m unable to see outside of my self.

My thoughts = my world (perception).

My beliefs create my perception (my world).

It was a very profound experience and I haven’t tried regaining it back yet, but thought I’d share the book that made my insight happen.

You can buy it on Amazon, just click the pic.

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