Free Massage Offer!

My little business has been doing great lately, so a few weeks ago I decided to spread my good fortune by sponsoring a needy child.  I spent hours trying to figure out which children’s foundation was best and settled with the Christian Foundation for Children and Aging.  It got the highest reviews and 93.6% of my monthly donation goes straight to the family in need.

You can read reviews for this foundation here.

You can also visit the family your helping and see first-hand how your donation is making a difference.  Upcoming trips are displayed here.

I spent a few hours flipping through the faces of the needy people.  There were babies, kids, youth’s and aging.  All had backstories, and all seemed desperate.

There was no possible way I could choose between any one of them, so I clicked on the button that had them choose someone for me.

And so I’m sponsoring Terrance, a 13-year-old boy from the Philippines.

But what about all the others?

Now this is where my big heart get’s even bigger.  If any of you guys decide to sponsor a kid, youth or elderly, I will reward you with a free massage.  Now, I know it isn’t much, but perhaps it’s the push people need to sponsor someone?

We all want to help people, but we put it off thinking that we’ll do it eventually.  Maybe my offer will be that little push?

If you decide to do it, and would like to claim your free massage, just give me a print-out of the child your sponsoring so I can paste them up on my wall in the office.  Every time I go to work, I’ll see all the faces of the people we’re helping.  And my clients will see them too!  Every day I will feel blessed.

There is goodness in this world so long as we work together.  We need each other to evolve and progress to our higher, stronger selves.  Giving is the only way to do this.