Gift Certificates

Good News Gift Certificates are now available!  

Scroll down to purchase an introductory massage for first time clients ($20 off regular price).

I’m trying to figure out the best and easiest way for clients to purchase gift certificates.  The easiest way for both me and you.

You have two options:  Buy them at my office or purchase them online.

When purchasing online, you must follow these steps to ensure you receive your gift certificate.  I made it very simple.  You can obtain your gift certificate immediately.

First step:

Purchase through PayPal because it’s free for me and easy for you.  You DO NOT need a paypal account.

This Button buys you a one hour massage worth $70.

This button buys you a 90 minute massage for $105.

Second Step:

Print or send via postal mail.

You have two options.  You can email me your address ( so I can mail you the Gift Certificate, or you can print it out right now without having to wait.

If you would like to print it out now for instant gratification, click here.

I warn you that my graphic design skills are at a bare minimum, so the printable Gift Certificate is very basic.  If you don’t have color ink in your printer, it won’t look nice.  These Gift certificates never expire.

Third Step:

Whatever name you  used to purchase the gift certificate with, write it somewhere on the certificate.  This is how I keep track of them.  And it’s proof of purchase.

Fourth Step:

Give the best gift you can give to the person who deserve it the most and they will love you forever and ever.

If you have any problems, please contact me!  My number is (860) 349-7048.  I’m available 24/7 for technical support.  If you email me your address to receive your Gift Certificate through postal mail, and you don’t hear back from me within 48 hours, please call me or email me again.  Your email could end up in my spam folder.

My goal is for these transaction to go smoothly on both ends.  Everyone is happy 🙂

Purchase a Birthday Massage for a friend!

Anytime during your friend’s birthday month, they can experience a relaxing massage for only half the price!

For a one hour massage, click the button below.  It’s only $35!
buy now button

If you would like to purchase a 90 minute massage, Click the button below.  Only $50!

buy now button

Scroll up and print out one of my makeshift gift certificates.  Write somewhere on it that it’s a birthday massage.  

Birthday gift certificate’s expire after the initial birthday month has passed, but they’re still good for the amount you paid for them!

I’m starting a referral program to let clients purchase an introductory massage for first time clients.

First time clients will receive an introductory massage for $20 off regular price.  After they redeem their certificate, I will email you a referral coupon for $10 off your next massage.  Just make sure your name is on the gift certificate and that I have your email properly stored in schedulicity (if I don’t then add it in or write it on the gift certificate).

If you’d like to buy a 60 minute massage for $50, click the button below.

buy now button

If you’d like to buy a 90 minute massage for $80, click the button below.

buy now button