What’s my office like?

In all honesty, it’s a one-room small office in a fantastic funhouse-like building with an elevator that opens up on both sides (it also goes up and down).

It isn’t much, but I hope to make improvements in the future.  It does however contain all the essentials needed to experience a great relaxing massage.

Ambiant low lighting, soothing music, table warmer, memory foam topper and my face cradle has no chin bar or hard parts that press against your face (yes, I notice details like that!) – I keep the room very warm and comfortable and being that it’s so small, it heats and cools quickly which can be as much of a con as it is a pro.

It’s not the quintessential “spa” experience, but the plus side is that I’m very personable with clients.  I’m in no rush to get you out the door back into that cold harsh world that awaits us.  When you walk into my office, you become someone – not just a commodity.

I’m posting this page in the hopes that those gracious beautiful people that bestow their blessed presence here will not be let down that it’s not the normal well-manicured spa setting of their dreams.

I’m just a regular girl renting an office she found on Craigs list….

Nah, who am I kidding?  I’m awesome 😀

Photo on 3-5-13 at 11.53 AM #2

Please pick out an aroma and stay a while 🙂

Photo on 3-5-13 at 11.54 AM

I look mighty strong in that photo.  Come test out my deep tissue!